Sharing my personal interests.

Investigations into mathematics -- group theory, integrals, continued fractions, matrices, geometry and more.

Also music and art: the acoustics of the violin family of instruments, music created by computer, plus some paintings, drawings and local history .


Welcome to John Coffey's web site of interesting finds.

This site is for maths students and amateurs who enjoy exploring maths, music, and acoustics. I am not a professional mathematician, musician nor artist, so there are no high-powered research papers here -- just the work of an enthusiast.

The latest additions include some paintings and drawings plus

1) Drawing in perspective: How simple objects appear when drawn accurately. This includes a section on how computer graphics software rotates an object, plus an account of non-linear perspective using the map projections. A supporting article describes spherical triangles,

2) A simple question about a ladder leaning against a wall which leads to intriguing maths of ellipses and the astroid curve.

3) An attempt to find the largest sofa which can be manoeuvred round a 90 degree corner in a corridor (with animation). This is supported by statistics on the error in measuring the area of an arbitrary plane figure by counting the number of lattice points inside it.

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John Coffey, Cheshire, England, June 2024